Alderman & Alderman, LLC is committed to providing our clients and our community with the best service we can.   We continue to believe that a firm and its clients are best served by hiring the most qualified individuals without regard to race, religion, gender or sexual orientation.  We strive to treat all individuals with dignity, respect, civility and professionalism.

At Alderman & Alderman diversity is in our DNA.

Linda Alderman left Robinson & Cole to form Alderman & Alderman with her husband in 1992, at a time when those managing law firms implicitly expected female attorneys to choose between the “mommy track” and the “partnership track.”   Myles  and Linda  rejected that false dichotomy.   Linda Alderman was the firm’s managing partner (only relinquishing that role when a  illness forced her to take a leave of absence).

Myles Alderman served for years on the Human Rights Commission for the Town of West Hartford.  Before any state recognized the right of same-sex couples to marry, Alderman & Alderman’s lawyers helped use partnerships, limited liability companies, powers of attorneys and other tools to help mitigate the challenges faced by same-sex couples.  After the adoption of the “Patriot Act,”  Alderman & Alderman represented Muslim-Americans who were subject to search, seizure and detention without probable cause.