It’s That Time of Year Again.   Businesses and individuals are gathering the information needed to complete tax returns and accountants are preparing for yet another  “tax season.”     You know the drill.    This year we want to urge businesses owners to talk to  their accountants about more than just minimizing the taxes paid.

The Problems We Want To Avoid:  Each year business owners and individuals come to law firms like ours to help them  preserve capital, maximize recoveries and minimize losses.  Too many times these clients come to us  3, 6 or 12 months too late.   We pride ourselves on Results Oriented Legal Solutions, and we  hate saying “If only you come to us earlier . . .”

The Good News:    With so many great accountants available  businesses and individuals can  avoid the most common problems we see.   Some super accountants work for huge firms that are default accountants for the large institutions or substantial regional firms.    Other outstanding accountants practice in boutique practices that focus on one or more market segments.   Each client should have a bright capable accountant who really understands their needs.

The three  mistakes that businesses and individuals make each year:

  •   Failure to select  an accountant who understand their business (or family tax issues);   Neither a computerized  tax preparation program, nor a simple tax  is going to offer you the insight of a great,  experienced, CPA.  [Hiring Tip – look for the best  value proposition and not the lowest cost]
  •   Failure maximize their relationship with their accountants share with the accountant the information necessary for the accountant to identify your risks and opportunities; Your accountant can be a great resource to help you improve your business’ performance, but not without the information he/she needs
  1.   Failure to invest the time or money to implement the strategies that minimize risk and maximize reward.

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3 Mistakes Taxpayers Should Not Make.