Happy Presidents’ Day,  America.

As many of you may know, federal employees, Representatives, Senators, judges, political appointees, the President, the Vice President, and all people serving in the military are required to take an oath to support and defend the United States Constitution.   This requirement can be found in the third paragraph of Article VI of the US Constitution.

People who take that oath may choose to also support and defend other causes that are not in conflict with the requirements of our Constitution.  They may also choose to support amendments to the Constitution, where they feel that there is room for improvement.

We believe that all  citizens of the United States of America should have access to  the  text of the Constitution and its Amendments as written and with access to the jurisprudence interpreting its meaning, free from  non-judicial “interpretation” or “spin” from “commentators.”   In honor of Presidents’ Day this year, we are sharing a link the the text of the Constitution as published at congress.gov.    In the upper right hand corner of each article and amendment, you will find a link to controlling cases which provide the current application for that part of our constitution.

Happy Presidents’ Day from all of us at Alderman & Alderman, LLC.