Motion for Post-Verdict, Prejudgment Remedies Pursuant to Fed. R. Civ. P. 64 and Connecticut Law Granted against Defendant in the amount of the jury verdict of €17,765,706 and $278,297.18.  Coan v Dunne, 3:15-cv-000050(JAM) (D.Conn, 2021).  Connecticut District Court held that a United States District Court with in personam jurisdiction over a defendant has authority to issue ancillary orders under the probable cause standard.  The Court further held that “[a] federal district court can effectuate a PJR issued under Connecticut law by ordering parties over whom the court has in personam jurisdiction to take or refrain from taking certain actions.”

NB: One or more attorneys at  Alderman & Alderman, LLC represent parties to the Dunne bankruptcy proceedings.

US District Court Has Authority to Issue Post-Judgment PJR as Ancillary Order Directed at Party Over Whom Court Has In Personam Jurisdiction
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